Tell-Tail's Spittin' Image

                                    CH Che-Lee Preferred Stock (b/w)
                CH SuRic's Devil In Disguise (b/w)
                                    CH Cherokee's Blended Feathers (b/w)
CH Tell-Tail's Sterling Image ROM (b/w)
                                    CH My-Ida-Ho Diamond Jim (b/w)
CH Tell-Tail's Diamond Bo-K LOM (b/w)
                                    CH Tell-Tail's Pick-Me-Up Bo-K, CD (b/w)

                                    CH Saratoga's The Boss (b/t)
                CH That's All Who's The Boss (b/t)
                                    CH That's All Chocolate Puddin' (choc)
Riverside-Comer's Wild Thing (b/t)
CH Tell-Tail's Chasin' Sanborn ROM (c/w)
                Bleumoon's Riverside Miss Liz (b/w)
                                    San Jo's Encore (b/t)
A picture is worth a thousand
words.  She's the princess!

Crystal has now retired to a
loving pet home.
Born 1/26/00.