Riverside's Special Effect

                                   CH Schiely's Sharp Shooter (b/w Les Brown son)
                 CH Schiely's Chocolate Pie Guy (c/w)
                                     CH Schiely's Heavenly Hash (c/w
Chase dau.)
CH Tell-Tail's Razz Berry Pie ROM-VP-HT (tri)
                                     CH Tell-Tail's Sterling Image ROM (tri)
                 Tell-Tail's Hot Topic (tri)
                                     Riverside-Comer's Wild Thing (b/t)

                                     CH Empire's Brooklyn Dodger (b/w)
                 CH Rendition Triple Play (b/w)
                                     CH DeRano's Desilu (b/w)
CH Riverside's Lasting Effect (r/w)
CH Tell-Tail's Sterling Image ROM (tri)
                 CH Riverside Lasting Impression (r/w)
                                     CH G-Jo's Artistic Impression (r/w)
Ellie was bred by my good friend Sue Osterland of Riverside Cockers, is sired
by Razz & is line bred on Sterling.  Sue has, obviously, been a positive
contributor to the red & whites, she especially loves, with Ellie's red & white
grandmother, Nicole, being the top parti bitch in the country & also a 3-time
ASC winner.  Ellie is the mother of my beautiful
Blossom, Pink, and also
grandmother to my exciting new champion,
Preston.  Eyes clear 9/2/09.
Born 9/4/03.