CH Nosowea's Never Strike Out (blk/wt)
    CH Terje's Titanium (r/wt)
    CH Moody's Dreams Do Come True (r/wt)
BGCH Dovecreek Artful Dodger (r/wt)
    CH Ber-Lin's One More Time (blk/w)
    CH Dal-Mar N Mystique Still In My Heart (blk/wt)
CH Tell-Tail's Dark Side (blk/wt)
    AM/CAN CH Gunthers Who Wants To Be (blk/wt)

My lovely Flare is way up on front leg, very balanced, beautiful front & rear, hard back
& perfect tailset, pretty head, lots of pretty white coat, scissors bite, exceptional
temperament, holding a natural sloping topline.  She has also been awarded the
Puppy Of Achievement award by the AKC.  Born 8/23/17.  Eyes clear 1/25/21.

3/24/18 Mid-Michigan CSC - judge Karin Linde-Klerholm - WB/BW 4 pts!
3/25/18 Mid-Michigan CSC - breeder/judge Rita Crowe - WB/BW 3 pts!
5/26/18 CSCWP - David L. Anthony - BOS to Best in Sweepstakes
judge Sidney L. Marx - WB/BW 2 pts!
5/26/18 CSCWP breeder/judge Nancy Gallant - WB 3 pts!
9/28/18 Detroit CSC - Pierre Talbot - WB/BOS 5 pts over a special!
CH Tell-Tail's Turn Up The Dark