CH Ju-Mars Just Imagine ROM-VP-HT

Justin is a very tall, balanced & sound tri dog, displaying lovely movement, a plush head,
scissors bite, correct front & rear, bone & substance, long neck, hard back, along with a
merry temperament.  Finishing owner/handled with 4 majors, including 3 from the puppy
classes and 2 Specialty majors.  Consistently producing great temperaments, loads of
attitude & showmanship, up on leg kids with great fronts & rears that can move!
Born 1/15/99, he's OFA "Excellent" & eyes cleared as "Normal" & is now permanently
registered in the ASC Health Registry.  Produces b/w & tri colors.
Justin is also the sire of
#1 agility Cocker in the country 2007, 2008, & 2009, and Riley, #1 agility Cocker 2012.

Justin is also the sire of my new & very exciting young champion,

Justin has been recognized by the American Spaniel Club as a Register of Merit (producing
10 champions or more), a Versatile Producer (producing both champions &
performance-titled offspring) & Health Tested (permanently registered in the ASC Health

January 15, 1999 - March 5, 2013

My sweet boy is gone now but I'll always remember what a typically sweet parti boy he was.  
Justin loved to retrieve toys no matter if he were outside or in the kennel running around.  I
loved how he gathered all his outside toys into one corner of the yard, laying down next to
them, defying the girls to just try to take one!
                                   CH Terje's Thunderbolt (b/w)
               BIS/BISS CH Empire Brooklyn Dodger (b/w)
                                   Harlanhavens Heavenly Bliss (r/w)
CH Roadshow's Thriller (b/w)
                                   BIS CH SuRic's Devil In Disguise (b/w)
               Roadshow's-Sirius' Starstruk (tri)
                                   Dwainio's Lady Jane (tri)

                                   CH Regail's Blaze Of Glor-E (r/w)
               CH Nosowea Ju-Mar's Never The Less (tri)
                                   CH Nosowea Never More (tri)
CH Moody's N' Quasar Rock Of Ages (tri)
                                   CH Dunmorr's Pocket Rocket (tri)
               CH Moody's 'N Ju-Mar's Rockette (tri)
                                   CH Stat 'N Osage Whoops La-T-Da (tri)