CH Tell-Tail's Les Brown ROM

Finishing with 4 majors & one of the first of few chocolate & whites
to take a group placing.  Les made an impression with his up-on-leg
& long-necked Les Brown style.  A lovely-moving top producer of
his time.  Les is the proud father of 11 champion offspring to date.

Les has been recognized by the American Spaniel Club as a
Register of Merit (producing more than 10 champions).
                                     CH Homestead's Ragtime Cowboy (b/w)
                 CH My-Ida-Ho Diamond Jim (b/w)
                                     Courtoom Sandra Day O'Conner
AM/SF CH Tell-Tail's Sam Spade (b/w)
                                     INT/AM/SF CH Sharob's Gold Standard (tri)
CH Tell-Tail's Pick-Me-Up Bo-K, CD (b/w)
                                     Regalia's Fire N' Feathers CD ROM-HT (r/w)

                                     CH Rexpointe Chocolat Dutchman (c/w)
                 CH Sandor's Dutch Chocolate, UDTX (c/w)
                                     CH Sandor's Touch Of Amber CDX,TD (r/w)
CH Tell-Tail's Fudge Feathers (c/w)
                                     AM/CAN CH Schiely's Tar N Feathers (b/w)
Regalia's Fire N' Feathers CD ROM-HT (r/w)
                                     CH Schiely's Frost N Fudge (c/w)