Planned litters
All puppies are sold for $1,500 (unless otherwise stated), which includes an AKC
Registration Application (with a "limited registration" - NOT TO BE USED FOR BREEDING
PURPOSES), a health record, a 4-generation pedigree, copies of the parents' current eye
exams, a puppy write-up by me on care, a custom martingale walking lead, and a paid
Puppies generally may leave by 8-12 weeks old.
One free grooming is included 3 weeks after pickup.

Non-refundable deposits may be cash, check, or money order
payable to Diane Donnelly (not Tell-Tail Cockers).
Final payments must be paid in cash if you're picking up your puppy.
If you're having your puppy shipped, please use PayPal.
Foreign countries please use PayPal.
For PayPal payments made within the U.S., please add 3% to cover fee.
For payments made outside the U.S., please add 4% to cover fee.

Guarantee for 72 hours, from the time the puppy leaves my home, for any life-threatening
health issue.  Must have proof from licensed veterinarian to receive full refund.  Otherwise,
any replacement for a puppy will be at my discretion.  Puppy must be returned at buyer's
expense.  Any & all veterinarian and shipping expenses to be covered by buyer.  I do not
cover spay/neuter, cherry eye, ear infections (all common possible expenses after adopting a

I will not hold a puppy, who's ready to leave, for more than 2 weeks.  If final payment &
arrangements have not been made within that time, I will sell the puppy to someone else,
keeping the deposit for taking the puppy off the market.
I do not have the facilities to board dogs & cannot spend the additional time to properly
socialize your puppy for you.

Out of state customers:
ask about shipping or my meeting places to pick up your puppy.
$350 shipping via United Airlines PetSafe (cargo)
$75 airline approved crate, food/water dishes, absorbent flooring, food
$55 health certificate for flying, issued from vet
No new litters at this time
Keep watching for updates & due dates
I do keep this page current

Due to COVID-19 the airlines are not
taking dogs as cargo until further notice.  
They do allow a limited number of pets
in cabin, so you will need to travel with
your puppy if you are interested in
flying.  I can meet you at the airport or
the airport hotel.  Contact airline for
requirements & book early.  
Due April 29, 2021
CH EBS N Tell-Tail's Firestorm (r/w)
Tell-Tail's Lux Bee A Lady (tri)
expecting b/w, r/w, & tri