CH Tell-Tail's Razz Berry Pie ROM-VP-HT

                                   CH Tell-Tail's Les Brown ROM (c/w)
               CH Schiely's Sharp Shooter (b/w)
                                   CH Schiely's Sara Lee (b/w)
CH Schiely's Chocolate Pie Guy (c/w)
CH Tell-Tail's Chasin' Sanborn ROM (c/w)
               CH Schiely's Heavenly Hash (c/w)
                                   CH Schiely's Schokolade (c/w)

                                   BIS CH SuRic's Devil In Disguise (b/w)
CH Tell-Tail's Sterling Image ROM (tri)
                                   CH Tell-Tail's Diamond Bo-K LOM (b/w)
Tell-Tail's Hot Topic (tri)
                                   CH That's All Who's The Boss (b/t)
               Riverside-Comer's Wild Thing (b/t)
                                   Bleumoon's Riverside Miss Liz (b/w)
Razz is an extremely typey, short-backed dog with a very happy attitude.  He's balanced &
carries a short, hard topline, perfect tailset, scissors bite, and a solid front/huge forechest
& rear construction accentuating fluid movement.  Linebred on Chase, you'll see the
resemblance of several top producers in his pedigree.  Whelped 8/21/01.
Eyes permanently cleared in ASC Health Registry.  OFA Good.
Razz is the sire of 12 U.S. AKC champions to date, others in Canada & The Philippines,
and still others major pointed!
Razz has also produced the #1 top agility Cocker in the country for 2011,
and the #2 top agility Cocker for 2012
Robbie & Maddie, respectively!

Razz has been recognized by the American Spaniel Club as a Register of Merit (producing
more than 10 champions), a Versatile Producer (combined breed & performance titled
offspring), & Health Tested (permanently registered in the ASC Health Registry).

Razz babies come in black & white, tri, red & white, chocolate & white, and chocolate tri.
Click here to see
Razz Berry's kids.

I recently had to let my boy go after 17 years
August 21, 2001 - September 14, 2018